I love a bunch of different things including, but not limited to: R5, Darren Criss, SYTYCD, and musicals!
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I’ve been sitting here for like ten minutes laughing at Joshua Burrage’s locations on his Instagram photos

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Congratulations to the groom and groom !!!
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Inclusive children go far.

Kids are too smart for this school crap.

Yeah, this math bullshit. Who needs that? Counting is soo unnecessary….

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i did not live until today…

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What will you miss about Ryan Steele?

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Same Lesli, same.

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Anyone else enjoying these as much as I am?

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kyle massey


kyle dean massey


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It was the weekend for gay weddings - congratulations to Broadway babes Rory O’Malley and Gerold Schroeder, who are also newlyweds!

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from ensemble in annie to her most recent role as violet in violet, look how far she’s come.

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'Judging America' GIFs shine a light on our racial biases

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"My mission for this series is to open the eyes of people who judge someone because of the color of their skin, their ethnicity, the sexual orientation etc. With all that has been going on this year I felt it was my duty to try and help open those who are being judged and mistreated. The first image is not how they physically look, but how we judge them to be in our heads. For example: the "terrorist" is not an actual terrorist, she is the Nurse who has saved many lives and who most importantly loves America, but because of all that has been going on in the middle east so many people are being categorized as terrorists because of fear and anger. I want to remind the world that these people are normal people, they are good people, and that you can’t judge them without first getting to know them. I want everyone to be treated equally. This series is my voice crying out for change." - Joel Parés

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If you ever think you’ve really messed up, please remember that today the NEWSIES tour literally left one of their principle actors at a rest stop on the way to their first city.

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