I love a bunch of different things including, but not limited to: R5, Darren Criss, SYTYCD, and musicals!
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Orange is the New Black - Names and their meanings.

(some names have different meanings regarding to country, culture and language.)

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matilda cast appreciation meme: 2/?

clay thomson (swing)

"From a member of Fagin’s Gang, to a JET, to a Newsboy to a Revolting Child. Living my dream and being ME :)"

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Not Just A Newsboy - A collection of songs sung by the boys (and girls) of broadway’s Newsies the musical. [Listen]

Accident Waiting To Happen - Adam Kaplan & Liana Hunt // The Angel In The Tow Truck - Ryan Breslin // Anything You Can Do - Adam Kaplan & Mike Faist // Belief - Ben Fankhauser // City Kid - Hogan Fulton // Let’s Not Waste - Daniel Quadrino // Locked Away - Jack Scott & Julie Foldesi // Manhattan - Daniel Quadrino // New York State of Mind - Corey Cott // Patient Love - Iain Young // Run Away With Me - Jeremy Jordan // Rolling In The Deep - Tommy Martinez // A Prayer For A One Night Stand - Ryan Breslin // A Whole New World - Kara Lindsay & Corey Cott

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newsies in rehearsal (x)

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A Two-Show Day With Broadway’s Newsies Dance Captain Michael Fatica (part 3) (x)

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"I watched the thing. Now I ship the thing, and I care too much about the thing, and the thing is breaking my heart, but I still watch the thing because I love the thing."

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Newsies at GMA

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Iain’s facial expressions this morning though

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This whole movie was one giant pun

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Sometimes the internet can be a great place. 

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Er-my-knee …

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